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About Visu Travel

Visu Travel diligently crafts personalized tours & travel to the key destination area. We deliver exulting adventure and indelible memories on every adventure by providing outstanding services and the best private guides at your service. At the end, you will have breathtaking experiences with Visu Travel.

We are enthusiastic about the outdoor adventure and travel, as well as seasoned travel industry professionals. Our employees and owner have more than ten years of experiences in South Asia tours and travel. We have served and helped more than hundreds of tourist to have pleasant movement while hiking, trekking and rafting in Nepal, India and Tibet. We work hard to help, serve and produce desirable result for our customers.


Our Values

MISSION: We are a professional South Asian Tour and Travel agency dedicated to provide personalized individual or small group tours and travel adventure to designated South Asia countries for our respected clients in a timely manner without any hassle.

VISION: Providing professional services, expert travel recommendations and personalized guidance to our clients are vital to our business, therefore we take fully accountable for your interest & budget which exceeds expectations.



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