Most Dangerous Mountains

By Kevin Del, May 26, 2018

1. Annapurna

Annapurna peak stands 26, 545 ft. consider the 10th highest mountain in the world and one of the most deadliest mountain that have taken hundreds of lives, while attempting to climb this humongous mountain marking the highest fatality rate of 41% comparison to other mountain around the world. Annapurna covers with serac ice glacier and could erupt into dangerous avalanches without any signal making the most unpredictable mountain ever. The weather condition on the mountain has the most hazardous for any summit attempt, with snowfall and gusts of wind diminishing visibility and increasing the dangers inherent in the surface of the mountain terrain.


2. Everest

Mt. Everest is the part of the Mhalangur Himalayan Range in the Khumbu region of Nepal, which has been recognized one of the highest mountain in the world, with elevation of 29,029 ft. Each year more than 1000 people attempt to climb the Everest about 500 reach the summit. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world is also a deadliest mountain to climb. The summit’s atmosphere above the stratosphere extends to strong wind speed up to 175 mph and sudden drops of temperature to -18 degree in the summer. Weather you plan to summit or not, trekking to Everest’s base camp is one of the best trekking you will ever experience in life.


3. Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri is the one of the seventh highest mountain in the world at 8,167 meters (26,795 ft) and extends to 120 km (70 mi) from the Kligandaki River west to the Bheri in Nepal. Annapuran Mountain is on the east of Dhaulagiri creating the Kaligandaki River in between, which is the world’s deepest river. The meaning of Dhaulagri is originated from Sanskrit words which means “dazzling beauty”. It’s certainly dazzling mountain at the same time dangerous too like other mountain Dhaulari is also susceptible to sudden temperature drop, gushing wind and avalanches makes it very risky to climb.


4. Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga Mountain lies east of Nepal border with Sikkim, India. The Elevation is 8,586 meter (28,169 ft) recognizing the third highest mountain in the world and considering with other mountain it’s also a most dangerous mountain. So far only 187 climbers had summated kangchenjunga and 40 have died, overall summit fatality rated about 22%. There are too many possibilities of not reaching the summit and not getting back safely is due to exhaustion, confusing sections, heavy snowfall, gushing winds and risky of avalanches occurrences.

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